Sump Pump Services


Sump Pump Services

The sump pump is the primary defense against the buildup of water in your basement and crawl space. Water is drained into the sump pit via your Drain Tile System and then ejected safely away from the home. It is important to make sure your sump pump is working properly and to replace the pump before it breaks down.

A reliable sump pump is the best way to keep your basement dry. Flooding can lead to serious mold problems, to be sure, but a damaged foundation can have adverse effects on the rest of your house. Your home is a huge investment, and a sump pump system is one of the best ways to protect it from unnecessary water damage.

Battery Backup Systems

Since sump pumps run on electricity, you won’t have anything to remove the water from your basement should a massive storm hit and knock out the power. However, you can finally rest easy with our Basement Sump Pump Battery Backup System. A backup sump pump is connected to a battery backup, just in case power goes out during a storm. Should the worst happen, a switch automatically draws power from the battery, keeping your sump pump running and your basement dry.

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