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Here at Basement Worx we take pride in our work and treat your home as if it were our own. Our client’s notice this by the workmanship that we provide, but it all starts with the materials that we use.

That is why we have chosen to become a Mangum Certified installer. Magnum has been designing foundation repair systems for over 35 years, has been used in over a million projects, and are the material choice of accomplished engineers from all over the country.Magnum’s material separates itself from other manufacturers because it is 100% NEW US ASTM513 structural steel, designed and manufactured specifically for the foundation repair industry and backed by a thirty (30) year warranty.

Our installation process is less invasive and is installed quicker than our competitors, returning your home to its original condition sooner.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach because, let’s face it, all homes are not built the same. Our partnership gives us the capabilities to choose the right bracket and pier for your home. During the install, every pier is tested to ensure it can support MORE than the weight of your home.

Let Basement Worx and Magnum Piering repair your foundation right the first time.

What is a Push Pier?

A push pier is a deep foundation pier that is hydraulically driven into the ground while monitoring pressure. The pressure can be converted to determine how much load each pier can hold. The installation process essentially “load tests” each pier by placing the pressure directly to the top. When the pier is completed, the load is transferred directly down the shaft to the base of the pier creating an “end-bearing” pier.

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