Foundation Repair


Foundation Repair

Bowing Wall Repair

Bowing walls, if left unchecked can continue to slowly move over time and create water seepage, as well as serious structural damage. There are a several solutions depending on each unique situation, that can address these issues.

One of the solutions we offer are the Gorilla Brace Systems. The Gorilla Wall Brace System is a revolutionary solution that will not only repair bowing and buckled walls, but it will actually prevent any future structural problems as well.

The Gorilla Wall Brace system has numerous benefits. For example:

  • Allows users to avoid the high cost of excavation
  • Pushes off of 3 floor joists, reducing pushing stress
  • Quick installation
  • It can repair already bowed and buckling walls
  • It pressure can easily be controlled to fit the need
  • It will increase structural integrity
  • An all-in-one solution!

Our second most used solution for minimally bowed walls and cracks is the Carbon Hold System.

The Carbon Hold System is a permanent solution that can fix cracked walls and bowed foundation walls with the most minimal effect on the look of your basement. At ten times the strength of steel, it can not only be used to repair bowing walls, but also cracks in a basement.

This system can be applied to almost any concrete wall. In cases where wall movement is a concern, the Carbon Hold system will structurally isolate any movement in the wall so that the crack will not move and reopen a new leak. Once it is applied, the crack repair system can easily be painted.

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