Exterior Waterproofing


Exterior Waterproofing & Drainage Systems

Exterior waterproofing is the method by which the foundation and footing are sealed and protected from any outside water intrusion into the interior of the structure or living space. A drainage system manages and directs water away from the foundation and footing eliminating hydro-static pressure, which reduces the risk of foundation issues.

The methods for exterior waterproofing and drainage systems are each unique as to the given situation. The fundamental process begins by excavating to the footing and installing a waterproof membrane over the footing, the cold joint, and the foundation walls. Once the foundation itself is waterproofed, then a drain tile is installed around the perimeter to redirect any water away from the structure.

Drainage systems are also installed to remove and direct above grade water puddling, downspout water management, hillside run-offs, and redirects them away from the foundational structure of the home.

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