Crawl Space Encapsulation


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space water management and encapsulation often times is the right solution for the health of your home and indoor air quality. Drainage issues that lead to unwanted water and unchecked moisture can create extensive damage to the structure, and allow fungi and molds to become a threat to your living areas. Often times, some of the most common signs indicating issues, are as follows:

  • Consistently moist and musty smell.
  • Dampness in the air, moisture on walls and windows, etc.
  • Insects can also become a problem in the above mentioned symptoms.

There are often two common solutions in dealing with your crawlspace needs. The first would be to assess your water seepage and drainage taking place in to the crawlspace. Water can enter your crawl space in cracks in the foundation walls, negative grade to the crawlspace itself, as well as improper gutter flow, etc. Once these issues are corrected and the water is re-directed away from the structure to predetermined safe zones, the crawl space is then encapsulated and the air quality is managed.

Every crawl space has its own unique situation, but the basics of encapsulation still apply. in simple terms, the crawl space is lined from the floor, and up the walls almost reaching the floor joist. All other entry points and piping from the exterior will be sealed. In some situations floor joist will be insulated, as well as HVAC ducts. Once the crawl space has been sealed, the final phase of the encapsulation is the regulation of the moisture levels. This is accomplished by installing a dehumidifying system that can be maintained from the actual living space in your home.

Take a look below at some the the products we recommend and use with our crawl space systems. Call us today to assess your crawl space needs!

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