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Interior Water Systems And Waterproofing Solutions

  Although every basement is unique with how and why water is intruding into the living

space, there are a few common solutions, and methods to keeping your living space dry.

We have seen many wet basements in the Greater Cincinnati area, and although each

basement has its own challenges, we can provide a solution that will keep you living spaces







                                                                                                      The Industry standard is an  Interior Drain Tile System will relieve                                                                                                      the hydro-static pressure that is caused from the water that                                                                                                                gathers around the foundation and footing of the home and                                                                                                                redirects it to an outlet in one of the predetermined safe zones, in                                                                                                      which the water will  be directed away from any potential seepage                                                                                                      points.  


                                                                                                     The design and the installation of the interior drain tile system is                                                                                                        simple to understand, but yet a very labor intensive system to                                                                                                            install. This service involves excavating to the footing of the                                                                                                                  foundation wall, relieving the hydro-static pressure, and installing                                                                                                      a 4" drain tile within a bed of drain gravel. The drain tile is then                                                                                                            connected to a sump basen in which the water will be directed,                                                                                                          them removed from the interior of the living space and away                                                                                                              from the homes foundation.

   Bright Space Wall Liners and Wall Panels

  Often times, once a basement has had the proper water proofing management,

home owners are left with the unsightly look of water damage and water residue

due to years of moisture and dampness. 


  A common solution to brightening up any basement living space, is the installation

of our Bright Space Wall Liners and Wall Panels. In some cases our wall liners are the

perfect solution to old stone foundation walls, or our panels for your block our

poured basement walls.

Contact Basement Worx today and schedule a free in home

assessment of all your water proofing and basement needs.